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The Pitet Firm is a litigation law firm located in Newport Beach, California. Our practice is devoted exclusively to the representation of businesses and individuals in litigation matters. We are proud of our record of success at trial, motion practice, appeals and in arbitrations, mediations and other alternative dispute resolution procedures. Although we typically handle cases pending in California, our lawyers have litigated cases in state and federal courts throughout the nation.


First, we are a firm of trial lawyers rather than litigators. Our lawyers are in court examining witnesses and arguing to judges and juries on a regular basis. We approach pre-trial discovery as a tool to help prepare us to tell a convincing story at trial, not as an end to itself. We do not waste time on activities that build up hours that are unlikely to contribute to a successful outcome. And should a trial be necessary to resolve a dispute, we employ cutting edge trial presentation software and technology to make our case to the jury.


Our lawyers have expertise in a number of areas, including professional liability (legal and accounting malpractice), defense of corporate directors and officers, labor and employment law, business and real estate litigation, white collar criminal investigations, and appeals.


We are positioned to consistently provide superior legal services and out-perform larger groups of adverse lawyers because we carefully manage pre-trial activity, in close consultation with our client. We can also do this because our litigation strategy is always driven, not by the need to drive up billable hours, but rather by the ultimate goal: to win through strategic motions or at trial, or to maximize the opportunities for a favorable settlement.


If you have a legal problem that calls for sophisticated and creative legal representation, we invite you to contact us via our online form. We look forward to helping you achieve your goals.

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