Practice Areas

Professional Liability
Our litigation lawyers have extensive experience prosecuting and defending professional liability cases. Over the years, our team of legal specialists has collectively obtained millions of dollars in compensation for individuals and organizations disadvantaged by professional negligence. Our lawyers have also successfully defended numerous liability cases involving other professionals, and even other lawyers. With the sheer capability and dedication of our legal experts, we have established a stellar record of favorable jury verdicts.


Labor & Employment
Employment law is one of our main areas of specialization. Our approach to this particular area considers all available options, whether it involves an out-of-court settlement or a courtroom litigation. We also work with corporate clients on a consultancy basis, helping them address workplace and employment issues, and essentially helping them avoid costly legal proceedings. Although we are fully prepared-and capable-of prosecuting/defending labor and employment related cases in court, we at G&P believe that preventing these lawsuits from occurring in the first place is the preferable option by far. In any case, we are prepared to explore all legal options that will help ensure the most favorable outcome for our client.


We also take on a select number of cases involving employees that have experienced discrimination in the workplace. Whether the case involves violations of state or federal laws, racial, gender-related, or other types of discrimination, we are prepared to help our clients get the justice and compensation that they deserve.


Business Litigation
Our commercial litigation lawyers have extensive experience in business law and the various types of legal issues that may occur with any business relationship. Our scope and expertise in fact mirrors the multitude of legal scenarios that may potentially occur in a business environment. With equal experience in state and federal court proceedings, our layers have handled the full range of business and commercial cases, including contract disputes, franchise and dealership issues, business-related torts, trade libel, financial institution cases, insurance cases, shareholder disputes, trusts and estate settlements, and real estate cases.


Municipal Law
We have also established an exceptional track record of assisting local real estate developers and business owners in the achievement of their goals for community development. Working in conjunction with the municipal government, we are proud to say that we have contributed in some small part to the continued development of Orange County, by way of the services that we have provided to our real estate developer clients.


Directors/Officers Liability
Liability cases involving directors and officers are some of our other main areas of specialization. We employ an especially aggressive approach to defending such cases, and we are equally capable at handling cases involving individuals and corporate entities. Our approach involves enlisting the aid of legal experts early on in the litigation process, reviewing the alleged misconduct thoroughly, and formulating the most feasible legal course of action. We always strive to be the first to seek and obtain discovery, with the goal of taking control of the litigation pace. This gives us more opportunity to obtain the information that will be crucial in supporting dispositive motions, and that will contribute to an early settlement.


Writs & Appeals
Our litigation lawyers also have extensive experience handling appeals in state and federal appellate courts all over the United States. Our lawyers also have equal facility and experience in environmental and criminal law, having obtained both traditional and administrative writs of mandate in numerous areas of legal specialization.


White Collar Investigations & Proceedings
Our lawyers at The Pitet Firm routinely work with clients involved in “white collar” cases, whether in federal, state, or local proceedings. We are especially adept at employing legal means to dissuade authorities from filing such cases in the first place. Nevertheless, we are just as capable of handling such cases if the authorities do decide to file suit.

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