Our opponents know that we thrive on taking cases to trial and have a record to prove it. Ironically, that is the very reason that many of our cases settle quietly. Our fundamental philosophy is to do what is right for the client. Sometimes a trial is necessary to achieve that result. But in a time when litigation is costly and judicial resources are scarce, settlements are often what is best for the client, and our reputation puts the client in the best position to achieve a favorable settlement.

Defense Verdicts

  • Barthoumes v. Hovsepian
  • Belcher v. Traut
  • Mueller v. LeVoy
  • Wimot v. Century 21
  • Super Suds v. Century 21
  • Boxley v. LeGaye
  • Taylor v. Taylor
  • Levoy v. Prober
  • Florence v. Kutinsky
  • Wilmer v. Yacobozzi
  • Dunning v. Century 21
  • Adair v. Shuff
  • Messenger v. Bunzel
  • UIC v. Newport Mutual

Plaintiff Verdicts

  • Elliott v. City of Gardena – $1.75 million
  • Martinez v. Sharpe – $1.5 million
  • Zanone v. City of Whittier – $1.25 million
  • Loudon v. St. Joseph Hospital et al. – $500,000.00
  • Jalali v. Root – $430,000.00
  • Romanello v. Regents Dental Group – $300,000.00
  • Coastal International v. Parris

Appellate Matters

G&P’s lawyers have substantial experience handling appeals in federal and state courts. The following are some of the cases that our attorneys have handled:

  • Ahmadi-Kashadi v. Regents of University of California, 159 Cal. App. 4th 449 (2008) (employment discrimination)
  • Epicor Software Corporation v. Linear Controls, Inc., 2011 WL 1326508 (2011) (breach of contract)
  • Freiberg v. Pacific Scientific, 2002 WL 31045495 (2002) (securities fraud)
  • Gretchen L v. Superior Court, 2006 WL 2076944 (2006) (hospital negligence/sexual assault) (writ issued)
  • Lockheed Martin v. Superior Court, 2203 WL 22133183 (2003) (mass tort) (writ issued)
  • Mullen v. Gold Coast Marketing, 2009 WL 1478100 (2009) (fraud)
  • Valley Vista v. Monterey Park, 118 Cal. App. 4th 881 (2004) (unfair competition)
  • Zanone v. City of Whitter, 162 Cal. App. 174 (2008) (employment discrimination)

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